Below are some general FAQs you may have about Blackstone Saunas and our products:

Our prefabricated saunas are built for indoor use. If you plan on installing one outside it will need to be in an area where the weather (rain, snow) cannot affect it, such as a shed or enclosed patio. If that is not possible, we can always build you a custom unit designed to be used outdoors.

The biggest difference between the two heater styles is how you feel the heat on your body. Carbon fibre panels provide an even heat all over the body, while ceramic rods offer more of a “spotlight” or pinpointed heat. Ceramic heaters are usually preferred by those healing from a back or neck injury, due to the more intense heat right against the joints. Carbon fibre is more commonly used by those with general aches and pains or a wish for overall health benefits associated with infrared therapy.

The glue used in our saunas is all non-toxic.

We recommend the use of a surge protector with any sauna as an added safety measure. Certain triggers (lightning, refrigerator compression motors) can cause power surges that may damage the wiring in your sauna. Surge protectors can be purchased at home improvement stores at minimal cost.

Every case is dependent on the model of sauna ordered and technician availability. Please give us a call for any shipping questions!

We can usually arrange for local deliveries within a week of ordering. You may also pick up your model from our store at no charge; we simply require a minimum 24 hours notice so we can ensure we have the unit ready for you.

We have successfully shipped our units all across Canada.

Blackstone Saunas can special order sauna covers for customers. Please contact us for more information.

Our saunas can be placed on any type of flooring without issue.

One of the perks of infrared saunas is that they require minimal maintenance. After every use, simply wipe down the bench and walls where your skin touched with a damp cloth (you can add a small drop of gentle soap or tea tree oil to the cloth if you wish). Once a year, lightly sand the interior of the sauna to keep the wood fresh.

We offer layaway with a minimum initial deposit. Timely payment is required; call our customer service representatives with any questions.

Infrared saunas do not need a lot of room for ventilation; 4-6 inches of space above the top of the unit is sufficient.

Installation will be easier if you have at least 2-3 feet of space around the perimeter of the sauna, and at least 1 foot above to allow room for connecting wires.

It is not recommended for children under the age of 10 to use a sauna, as their bodies are not fully capable of dealing with the heat conditions. Children under the age of 16 should always be accompanied by a guardian while using a sauna of any type. It is important to consult your family doctor if you have any health concerns before using a sauna.

Blackstone technicians have converted many traditional Finnish saunas to infrared, with beautiful results. If you are interested in having your current sauna converted or refurbished, give us a call to receive a quote.

The sides of the saunas are 5-7mm thick, and are very durable.

We use Canadian Hemlock in all of our units, inside and out.

All Blackstone Saunas models carry a standard 3 year warranty on all components except for the one year warranty on the CD player.  Our complete warranty information can be found online at:

Our saunas are manufactured at our factory in China and then sent back to us in non-fumigated containers.

Traditional steam or hot rock saunas heat only the air around them and at high temperatures between 150-235° F. An infrared sauna produces infrared waves at lower temperatures that penetrate the skin to approximately 1.5″ or 3.81cm, increasing the body’s temperature internally and more quickly than merely sitting in a hot environment.

EMFR (electromagnetic field radiation) is emitted from virtually every common electronic device. We take health and wellness very seriously at Blackstone Saunas and have taken steps to ensure that our units emit the lowest levels possible. Our “Classic Series” units have a maximum EMFR output of 3mG*, and our “Pure Series” models actually have the very first heaters in the industry with a 0mG EMFR output.

*To put this level in perspective, when we tested a running microwave, the level was 147.8mG.

When large amounts of volatile organic materials are burned, the resulting precipitate from this burning is what is dangerous to the atmosphere (hydrocarbons). Carbon fibre infrared saunas neither produce nor burn carbon or any other volatile compound in the heating process. Carbon fibre infrared heaters use a carbon based filter through which low electric current passes to produce an infrared wave. There is no use of any volatile material nor is there any release of aldehydes, ketones, or hydrocarbons in the form of precipitates into the air.

Depending on the model size and the amount of time running, it costs around ten to fifteen (10-15) cents per hour (usually under ten dollars per month).

  • Improves skin tone, texture, and appearance
  • Reduces & improves acne
  • Speeds healing of injection sites for diabetics
  • Augments weight loss
  • Eases aching muscles
  • Enhances heart function
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps remove toxins
  • Especially helpful in cancer treatments

Blackstone Saunas are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Each sauna has 5 to 7 quality inspections during the course of construction. Each sauna has its own serial number for quality and warranty purposes. Sauna windows are tempered glass; there is no plastic in our saunas. Advanced technology of the temperature sensor allows for accurate temperature control. Easy to read control displays allow for temperature readings in both degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. There is a light finish on the outside of the units for cosmetic purposes, but the entire inside of the sauna is natural. Blackstone Saunas does not use chemical finishes on the inside of their saunas. The units are kiln dried to reduce the signs of cracking and warping of the wood. Our saunas are taller than most other manufactured saunas for comfort and mobility purposes. Blackstone Saunas contain protective cushions on the base of the sauna floor to limit scratching of customer’s flooring.